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17 Mar 2013 The annual Somerset Floor and Vault Championship produced some excellent results this year.

Over 12 advanced category - Evie Maidment finished 5th overall; Lauren Worgan bronze medal on floor and bronze overall.

Under 12 pre-level - Leila Peacock achieved gold on floor and vault making her overall champion.

Under 8 pre-level - Amelia Carr 5th overall; Aoife Lewis bronze medal on vault and 4th overall; Eloise Major achieved silver medal on floor and silver overall; Isabel Dorrington took silver on vault, gold on floor to become overall champion.





1 April 2012

The annual club competition was held on Sunday 1 April 2012 at Fromeside. We had our largest entry with over 40 gymnasts competing in a number of categories. It was also great to see our ladies joining in the competition who were certainly appreciated by spectators and gymnasts alike.

Results are available in the downloads section

25 March 2012 The following girls competed in the Somerset Floor and Vault Competition hosted by Baskervilles Gym Club in Bath:-

Bethany Humphries, Aoife Lewis, Amber Worgan, Amelia Carr, Holly Preston, Summer Bird, Emma Hearn, Leila Peacock and Evie Maidment.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts for holding your nerve as some were competing for the very first time in front of lots of people.

Special mention to Leila who took overall Bronze and Silver on Floor. And to Summer, who cam away with 3 Bronze medals - Floor, Vault and Overall.


25 February 2012 The boys competed in the Bath Area Men's Artistic Gymnastics Competition at Baskervilles.

Well done to all the boys and Nick, their coach.

Sol Nicholson, over 11 Champion - Gold on floor, vault and trampet.

Eden Jones, under 9 Champion - Bronze on floor and Gold on Trampet

Ben Clarke, under 9 Silver overall - Silver on Trampet

Levi Greene, under 9 - Bronze on Vault



11 December 2011 The following girls and boys competed in the Floor and Vault Invitational Competition at Fromeside:-

Aoife Lewis, Eloise Major, Amber Worgan, Ben Clarke, Isabel Major, Levi Greene, Eden Jones, Ellie Worgan, Grace Cherry, Pippa Garland, Eloise Maidment, Molly Ryley, Summer Bird, Annabelle Hanley, Emma Hearn, Leila Peacock, Evie Maidment, Samantha Quantrill - possibly the largest competition entry by the club.

Molly took Silver on Floor, Gold on Vault and Overall Gold

Annabelle took Gold on Floor, Silver on Vault and Overall Gold

Emma took Bronze on Floor

Levi took Bronze on Vault

Samantha took Gold on Floor, Vault and Overall


13 November 2011

5 girls entered the Baskervilles District Competition. Well done to all for a great medal haul.






1 October 2011 Well done to Samantha Quantrill and Felicity Harper who successfully competed in the British Gymnastics British Veterans Championships in Leicester.

Felicity took Silver in the over 40s category with the top score on bars.

Samantha took overall Gold with top scores on Vault, Beam and Floor to become British Intermediate over 19s National Champion




24 July 2011 The "girls" entered a competition at the City of Bristol Cub competing against gymnasts from across the South West.

In the nine and under category, the girls excelled themselves, with Annabelle Hanley taking the overall gold medal as well as winning the floor and vault competitions.

She was closely followed by Summer Bird, who took the overall silver medal as well as third place finishes on floor and trampet. Taylor Nicholson, Eleanor Clarke, Ellie Worgan and Sky Sellick-Jones also gave impressive performances.

In the eleven and under category, Leila Peacock competed well to finish seventh out of a group of 35 gymnasts, with Emma Hearn performing well in her first competition.

Evie Maidment competed in the twelve and over group and finished in the top 15.

24 July 2011 The "boys" entered a competition at the City of Bristol Cub competing against gymnasts from across the South West.

In the nine and under event, Sol Nicholson took overall silver medal in his first competition, earning top spot on trampet, second on vault and third on floor.

Ben Clarke competed well to finish sixth overall and taking third place on trampet.

And, Patrick Summerell-Youde again showed good form, taking the overall silver medal in the over-12s category, achieving second place on vault, third on floor and fourth on trampet.







26 June 2011 The annual novice competition was held on Sunday 26 June 2011 in the gym on Saturday. The weather was kind to us and it was not too hot in the gym.

As usual the competition would not have been a success without the 49 competing gymnasts and all their supporters in the form of mums, dads, grannies, grandpas, brothers, sisters etc. who did a great job in cheering and applauding and generally making lots of noise.

Congratulations to all the medal winners and well done to all 25 gymnasts who stuck their beam routines - it is such a difficult piece of apparatus to stay on especially with lots of people watching you.

Results are available in the downloads section

15 May 2011 Bath Area Invitational competition on Sunday 15 May 2011

Very well done girls. We had hoped for 3 or possibly 4 medals on the day but  we were really excited when the girls achieved the biggest medal haul at a single competition in the club's 34 year history.

We came home with 14 medals and 4 trophies

Kirsty Allen Gold on Vault
Gold on Floor
Gold overall
Ellys Jackson Silver overall
Rosie Coad Gold on Floor
Gold overall
Jenica Harper Gold on Vault
Bronze overall
Evie Maidment Gold on Trampet
Gold overall

Lauren Worgan

Gold overall
Summer Bird Gold on Vault
Silver overall
Ellie Clarke Bronze overall

Congratulations also go to Leila Peacock who whilst finishing in second place on vault and floor and just missed out on the overall medals by finishing in 4th place, by the narrowest of margins.

Three gymnasts - Finlay Shipway, Natalie Danks and Sky Sellick-Jones - entered their first competition and made their coaches proud with their excellent performances.

10 April 2011 Girls Floor, Vault and Beam Competition held at Fromeside Gym on Sunday 10 April 2011

Due to a number of injuries only 3 girls entered the competition. Evie Maidment achieved 3rd place on all pieces to take home the bronze medal in her category.


Lauren Worgan worked incredibly hard and made her coaches very proud achieving a creditable 8th place out of a large group of girls.

The best performance was Rosie Coad's who took the gold medal on each individual piece and therefore came home with the overall gold - a total of 4 gold medals - a good day at the office!!

3 April 2011 The Annual Club Competition was held on Sunday 3 April 2011 at the Fromeside Gymnastics Club.

We had a very successful and fun morning. The results are available in the downloads section.


20 March 2011 Somerset Floor and Vault Championship. Congratulations to Kirsty Allen who competed well to win the bronze medal.
12 March 2011

Ben Clarke enjoyed his first competition, outside the gym, competing on floor, vault and trampet in the Under 8 Level A category. A brilliant performance by Ben to finish 10th overall out of 20 boys.

Huge congratulations to Patrick Summerell-Youde who showed great skill on the day and came away with three gold medals as a reward for all his, and the coaches, hard work. He missed out on gold on the trampet by just 0.05 but won gold on floor and vault. He won the overall championship at his level and received another gold medal.

8 March 2011 UPDATE: the open afternoon was a great success thanks to the gymnasts, parents, coaches and prospective gymnasts that turned up. Allegedly, there were a few tired gymnasts at the end of the 3 hours. All the same a big thank you.
5 March 2011 On Saturday the 5 March 2011 from 2.00pm onwards we are holding our first Open afternoon to enable people who have not tried gymnastics before to undertake a free trial.

Club gymnasts will be present to show what can be done and our Coaches will be there to show, support and encourage the aspiring gymnast in the ways of this most exciting sport. It is quite amazing how easy it is to walk along a 2" wide line on the floor yet put someone 90cm in the air on a 4" beam and it can be a different proposition.

Children as well as Adults are more than welcome to come along although we do ask that people wear appropriate clothing to undertake a sporting activity. For the novice track suit bottoms and a T shirt are fine and for safety reasons we will ask that all shoes, socks and jewellery are removed once in the gym.

So, if you know anyone who would like to give gymnastics a try - tell them to come along on Saturday 5 March at 2.00pm.

21 March 2010 The annual club competition was held on Sunday 21 March 2010 at Fromeside.

Congratulations to all the group winners:-

U 9 Recreational  - Megan Robb
U 11 Recreational - Lauren Worgan           
U 13 Recreational - Saskia Dodd
U 13 Competitive - Jenica Harper
Senior Recreational - Lily King
Senior Competitive - Samantha Quantrill
Boys - Patrick Summerell-Youde
Ladies - Felicity Harper

Well done to all those competing and especially those competing for the first time in such a big gym - that floor can look awfully big.

Thanks to all the supporters for bringing the gymnasts along - without you it would not have happened.

We have a new Club Captain - Ellys Jackson - and despite not competing due to injury it was good to see her at the competition. We also have a new Vice-Captain in Kirsty Allen - someone to whom Ellys can delegate certain tasks.

27 June 2009 The annual novice competition was held in the gym on Saturday. It was a wonderful summer's day and not too hot in the gym despite their being over 110 of us in the hall.

Thank you to all the gymnasts who took part and for managing to hold their nerves at their first competition. Another thank you to all the supporters in the form of mums, dads, brothers, sisters et al - they did a great job in cheering and applauding the competitors on.

Congratulations to all the medal winners and well done to all those gymnasts who stuck their beam routines - it is such a difficult piece of apparatus to stay on especially with lots of eyes watching you.

The squad and their coaches put on a great tumbling display which was appreciated by all (if only they could tumble like that in training!!) It was nice to see the coaches show the gymnasts that they can still do it even though they are ancient!!

Without the support of the coaches, who were judges for the day, and the gymnasts who helped by guiding the competitors to their apparatus and taking the scores to Richard, the event could not have taken place.  A huge thank you to them all.

Click here for results

21 June 2009 Congratulations to Sam Quantrill who competed for Somerset in the South West Inter-Counties Championship held at City of Bristol Gym. The team finished a very creditable fourth losing out on a bronze medal by the narrowest of margins. The Somerset Team was made up of gymnasts from Portishead Academy, Baskervilles in Bath and Clevedon Gym Club.
June 2009 Pre-school classes are doing well and we have therefore decided to start a second class on Mondays from 10:30 until 11:15
12 January 2009 Pre-school classes re-commence
5 January 2009 Gymnast classes re-commence
3 November 2008 Pre-school classes commence on Monday 3 November at 9.30
11 September 2008 Pre-school classes will be commencing in late October 2008 / early November 2008. This is not as we had planned but due to a number of issues we have decided to postpone the commencement of classes.

We shall be keeping you fully informed and will advise of the exact date in due course.

8 September 2008 The new term starts on Monday 8th September 2008 - see the new fees schedule
16 August 2008 Regrettably, we had to cancel the Tickenham Flower Show display for safety reasons due to the weather conditions. Lets hope for a summer next year.
25 July 2008 We have been invited to present a display for the Tickenham Flower Show on Saturday 16th August 2008 between 1.30 pm and 2.00pm

Those of you who have been invited to take part - do remember that the practice session is on Wednesday 13th August 2008 between 5pm and 7pm in the gym

And....on the day please do try and arrive between 1.00pm and 1.15pm
July 2008 School Holidays:

Badge Courses: Course dates   28th - 30th July; 26th & 27th August
                               Course time     2pm – 4pm

Training Courses:  Course dates   31st July, 1st, 28th & 29thAugust
                         Course time     2pm – 5pm

March 2008 Mrs Pittard has decided to take things a little easier and the gym club ownership has changed

Maxine Quantrill (Q's mum) has taken over the gym club

30 January 2008 The website is up and running. It will be undergoing some change as we get a bit more time. But we also need your comments and suggestions on how we can make the site better for you to use.
2007 West Country League 2007

All the matches had been very close and the clubs had all shared the points. The A league was finally decided by a count back. Baskervilles and West Wilts were equal on points but the result went to Baskervilles. Clevedon were 3rd but all the results were very close.

In the B league the final match was eventually won by Writhlington but they had only competed in one match so the final result was left to maths. Baskervilles lost out this time. They finished equal on points with newcomers Newton Abbott but on this occasion the count back went against them. Newton Abbott ,in their first year in the league became B league Champions. Well done. Penzance just lost third place to West Wilts ;another close fight; and Writhlington and Clevedon with only one match a piece were 5th and 6th.

The three teams in Division 2 C league were all on equal points going into the final so it was going to be a nail biting last match. Clevedon unfortunately lost Samantha Quantrill to injury so started the day with only two competitors. Penzance were determined not to be second this year. They competed well on all pieces and finished comfortable Champions. Baskervilles fought hard but couldn’t quite score enough. Despite this Baskervilles must have been happy with their weekend with a first and two second places.

Final results

  A League B League C League
1st  Baskervilles Newton Abbott Penzance
2nd West Wilts Baskervilles Baskervilles
3rd Clevedon West Wilts Clevedon
4th Penzance GC Penzance GC  
5th Writhlington Writhlington  
6th   Clevedon  

[Text courtesy of Shirley Clements]



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